City of a Thousand Dolls - Miriam Forster There's something quite nostalgic about Miriam Forster's CITY OF A THOUSAND DOLLS.

I've always been a reader -- a rather voracious one -- but I remember a span of years in my early teens when reading was pretty much all I did. I read at school, my books hidden between textbooks. I read when I got home, even during meals. I read before bed, often drifting off with my head on my books, because little else lulled me to sleep.

It's difficult for me to do that anymore. Perhaps because writing is my trade, so I'm often more critical of what I read than I'd like to be. Much to my dismay, Writer!Elizabeth rarely turns completely off.

Perhaps that's why I adored this book so much. Reading this reminded me very much of the kind of the teen books I picked up when reading was such an addiction.

You see, COATD has certain qualities that I find are very reminiscent of old-school YA. Certainly in the writing, the pace of the story, the way events unfold. But most especially in the emphasis on the heroine, Nisha, and her friendships. In fact, her love interest has very little page time at all.

I'd prefer not to give too much away this many months away from its release, but I did want to share how very much I enjoyed reading it. Especially since COATD was able to place me so firmly in Teen!Elizabeth's shoes -- a place I really, really needed to be.