The Falconer - Elizabeth May September 26 edit: The book is out in the UK! It's lurking in your bookshops! *tosses confetti*

September 6 2013 edit: The first two chapters of THE FALCONER are now posted to sample! Check out the Gollancz Blog for chapter 2!

Hi Goodreads people!

The first chapter of THE FALCONER is now available to read over on SciFiNow!

I'm glad so many of you enjoyed my pre-release pictorial presentation on here, but I've made the decision to remove it for these reasons:

1. ARCs have gone out into the world! Readers can now review the book. They can tell you all about it, and you can decide from there if it sounds like something that'll suit your fancy without my (author bias!) input.

2. It is so close to being published in the UK, so it'll be widely available to read, and I don't want my pictorial presentation coming before reviews (which are meant for you readers!).

I'm sorry for removing it (since I know so many of you liked it), but I feel like it's time. As a parting gift, I'm keeping the baby seal.